Trapos Africa Limited applies the following business model & expertise in its execution of Aerial Cable Car projects.


Trapos Africa Limited acts as the Development Sponsor for each aerial cable line opportunity which it identifies. Upon the successful execution of each project it sponsors, it receives a Development Sponsor Fee.


Trapos Africa Limited performs all Development Management and Stakeholder Management necessary to actualize its projects, including the procurement of PPP concession arrangements, in addition to identifying the Lead Mandated Syndication Arranger as well as the Equipment Technology Provider.

Asset Manager

Once projects become fully-operational, it acts as the on-going Asset Manager and is paid Asset Management Fees by the respective project SPV(s) to perform that work.

Feasibility studies

Trapos Africa Limited conducts feasibility studies and determines project viability and requirements.

PPP expertise

Trapos Africa Limited engages with the government stakeholders in order to acquire the neccessary concessions to begin the project.

How the public feels about our projects

Below are sample comments from the Kenyan public on both the Likoni Cable Express & The Nairobi Cable Transit Project

The Pet Project should start at Daystar University Ngong road via Community, Uhuru park, Kenyatta avenue, Moi avenue, Haile Selassie road to Kariokor market.. I have been saying this for so long. The NCC can recover money in 2 yrs making profit as people will be moving to and from these areas all the time.


When I first read about the cable cars at the Likoni ferry, I thought this was a late April fools joke but now it seems someone is lobbying very hard to have it implemented or why would BD publish it twice.The answer to our traffic problem lies in changing the question from how to move vehicles faster to how to move people faster.

Kijani 2014

Cable car systems use very little power. For example, a system moving 11,000 commuters per hour over 5km uses 400Kw (equivalent to 3 no. 3-litre Toyota Landcruiser engines.) Clearly appropriate back up power back up generators will not be an issue. The total power required for the 30Km Nairobi Phase 1 lines is under 4MW.

Constant Cap

Another tourist site seeing infrastructure project... Well, we need all modes of transport... I welcome this.


About Us

Trapos Africa Limited is a Nairobi-based aerial transit solutions development firm. Originally founded in 2012 by its Chairman, Dr. Eustace Mwarania, an electrical engineer by training, Trapos was borne out of his desire to address the ever-growing congestion problem evident in urban cities in Kenya and sub Saharan Africa.

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