The Eastern part of the National Park has limited tourism activity, despite having world renowned natural sites such as Lakes Alice and Rutundu, due to their inaccessibility by conventional transport means. To open up this space for tourism, it is desired that a transport link be established between Chogoria-Meru road, at Nthunguru forest, with the existing road to Lake Rutundu Cabins from Kisima area on the Nanyuki-Isiolo road.

This project seeks to provide that missing transport link and develop additional tourist cabins along the route as indicated in Fig. 1 below. The link will be comprised of two main sections: an aerial cable car section, Themwe Skyway for the steepest part of the terrain indicated in red and two road sections marked in yellow in the figure. The blue lines indicate the existing roads.

The proposed solution will operate as follows. Visitor entering the park from at Nthunguru forest will follow the existing road to Lake Ellis to the Lower cable car station. Here they will transfer to the cable car and get transported by air to the Top station, where they will alight and use the new road transport to Lake Rutundu Cabins and join the existing road. About 2km from the Top station towards Rutundu cabins, we propose a new set of Lake Alice cabins with a road link to Lake Alice.

In addition to Lake Alice Cabins, it is proposed that restaurant amenities and other social functions be availed at the Top and Lower cable car stations.