Work On Sh5.8bn Likoni Cable Car Set To Start In Two Months

Works on the Sh5.8 billion cable car venture at the Likoni crossing is set to start in the next two months, easing movement of passengers between North Coast and South Coast.

The Kenya Ferry Service (KFS) and Trapos Limited on Tuesday signed an agreement for the implementation of the project.

The signing of the project agreement, otherwise referred to as the Commercial Close, will usher the way for the Private Partner to conclude financing arrangements (Financial Close) to enable implementation of the project

Likoni cable express chairman Gerald Muigai said works on the project will start in the next 60 days, as pre-engineering works which started in June is nearing completion.

“We expect to start actual works on this project in the next 60 to 90 days. In the meantime, we will be processing statutory construction permits,” said Mr Muigai.

At the moment, the Likoni channel is served by four ferries — MV Likoni, MV Jambo, MV Nyayo and MV Jambo.

Mr Muigai said the project will run for 25 years after construction, before the project and its assets including revenue are reverted to the Kenya Ferry Services.

“Among the expected benefits of the project is providing an efficient, reliable and safe alternative to the ferry crossing along the channel, improved security, increased tourism and improved business environment,’ he said.

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Traffic Woes Rock Likoni Channel As Mv Jambo Breaks Down

Traffic woes rocked the Likoni Channel in Mombasa on Wednesday morning after Mv Jambo, Kenya’s biggest ferry, broke down.

Motorists and pedestrians seeking to cross the Indian Ocean to South Coast were forced to queue for long hours to get transport.The congestion affected commuters rushing to work, who forced their way into the three available ferries— Mv Nyayo, Mv Harambee and Mv Kwale.

The breakdown has resulted in traffic snarl-up on both sides of the channel as the management struggles to help pedestrians cross the ocean.

Mv Jambo is the biggest ferry in Kenyan and the Kenya Ferry Services relies on it to deal with congestion.

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